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Thirty chapters. Perfect audio. Perfect video. In 1080p resolution. Learn more about each of the videos to see what’s offered in each of the thirty chapters.


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Highly Engaging Instructional Videos
This video series gives you and your students unlimited access to 30 high-quality video chapters that cover the entire policy debate experience – from introducing the surveillance resolution all the way up to answering kritiks. Each video is about 10 minutes of tightly scripted, high quality, multimedia presentation. Perfect audio. Perfect video. HD 1080p resolution.

Accessible 24/7
You'll get a username and password that you give to your kids. They'll log into this website and have unlimited access to every video, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They can watch these videos at any time, giving them the perfect opportunity to rewatch, rewind, and revisit anything they didn't catch the first time . . . they can't do that with your lectures!

Several Subscription Packages Designed to Meet Your Needs
Everything from single-user access to full downloads of every video (and the scripts) – there's a package for every program.

Outstanding Instruction
I'm a head debate coach of nearly 20 years, 2007 Kansas Teacher of the Year, and 2007 Runner up for National Teacher of the Year. I'm also the coach of the Top Speaker in Policy Debate at the 2014 NSDA National Tournament. My doctorate is in educational leadership with an emphasis on effective instructional technology. I know that you'll discover that this video series is the perfect nexus of high quality teaching, highly competitive coaching, and highly engaging multimedia.

Your class time is valuable . . . don't spend it lecturing!

Research shows that classroom lectures are ineffective. They take up class time, the learning is minimal, and they don't work. Even the best lectures rob your kids of time they could be practicing and applying the content!

Just imagine the enormous power of skipping the lecture and going straight to the practice. You can double, or even triple the amount of time your kids spend practicing!

Flip! Your! Classroom!

Whether you call it flipped, flip-flop, blended, inverted, or reverse teaching . . . it works! Here's how: right now, you use class time to introduce new concepts, and homework time to apply those concepts. When you flip your classroom, you introduce new concepts as homework, and then use class time to apply those concepts.

Traditional Classroom:
Use Tuesday to show your students how to flow. Then use Wednesday to let them practice flowing.

Flipped Classroom:
Assign the chapter 16 video (flowing) as homework for Monday night, then use your class period on Tuesday to practice flowing, and use Wednesday to practice even more flowing!

Flipping your classroom isn't just a new fad. It's a whole new way of teaching. Read this article from Robert Marzano on the value of flipping your classroom. You'll see exactly how this video series aligns perfectly with the best research on effective instruction!

Not looking to flip? No problem. Embed these videos into your daily instruction.

Each video is about 10 minutes long, so you and your students can skip the lecture and spend more time practicing! Or use them for students who were absent or didn't quite understand your lectures or who need to rewatch them later.

It works for all kids!

Each chapter video is about ten minutes, highly engaging, and tightly scripted. It's exactly the same content you use for your lectures, but delivered in only a fraction of the time. And the learning is deeper, more permanent, and more relevant!

I know it works because I use it with my students. I thought I was a great classroom lecturer, but once I used these videos, I had to admit that my own students understood the content much, MUCH better. And instead of walking into class ready to sit and listen to me lecture, they were walking into class with questions, ideas, and an eagerness to get up and practice!

Use your planning time to prepare engaging activities, not PowerPoints.

I know, I know . . . what planning time? That makes it even more important that you spend your valuable time creating meaningful classroom experiences. Whether you use the first 10 minutes of class to show these videos or assign the videos as homework the night before, you'll have more time to plan, and more time to design guided and independent activities that get your kids up and moving!

Videos in the Series

  1. Introduction to Policy Debate
  2. The Value of Embracing Confusion
  3. The Essentials of Argumentation
  4. Introduction to the Government Surveillance Resolution
  5. Structure of a Debate Round
  6. Speaker Duties for Each Speech
  7. Introduction to Stock Issues and the Burden of Proof
  8. Inherency and the Status Quo
  9. Harms: Quantitative and Qualitative
  10. Solvency Concepts and Strategies
  11. Evidence: Cutting, Formatting, and Reading
  12. Responding to Arguments
  13. Cross Examination Strategies
  14. Introduction to the 1AC
  15. The Power of Affirmative Fiat
  16. Flowing and Roadmaps
  17. The 1NC
  18. Introduction to Topicality
  19. Effects and Extra Topicality
  20. Disadvantages
  21. Counterplans
  22. Kritiks
  23. Answering Topicality
  24. Answering Disadvantages and Impact Calc
  25. Answering Counterplans
  26. Answering Kritiks
  27. Rebuttals
  28. Splitting the Block
  29. Different Styles of Debate
  30. Judge Paradigms

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